Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Holiday Home

WHEW!!! Has it really been this long since I last posted? Life just spins out of control for me in December. My job (that pays for my stamps ;) is a visual retail merchandiser. Basically I make sure that the products that I represent for companies are out, looks pretty, and it makes you want to buy it. Ha! Ha!
I thought for the next few days when a few minutes are available, that I would post more pictures of my home. My home is really "blinged" out during the holidays. Everything is always grabbed at the clearance sales, tucked away, and then the next year I put to use my previous year's bargains.
This little tree is in my son's bathroom. Such a cute size and there is a winter shower curtain with snowflakes, polar bears and penguins on it.
I have collected heart ornaments for years and have received many from friends. There are probably 175 now. If you notice on my blog, hearts are my "thing". Do you have one of the slim trees? Mine is new and in my foyer - I really like that it doesn't take up so much space, but if I'm blessed with many more years, a wider tree may have to come back into the house to hold new heart ornaments.


Pam S.

very pretty Debbie! Can't wait to get your card! I'm working on sending this week too!
Pam Going Postal


Love the tree in the bathroom! Nice that it's decorated for you son! And love that you have heart ornaments too!