Sunday, June 10, 2012

Centerpieces recycle

So what do you do at 11:30 PM after the guests have gone & your husband doesn't want to deal with the centerpieces from the wedding? LOL Well several things actually. The centerpieces were large glass vases filled with blue gel beads (these things are awesome & inexpensive) and lights placed inside. Flowers were simply placed on top & it worked so well because guests could still see each other and talk! Gotta love that!!! I said let's give some away - but it's almost midnight! My niece found a mother/daughter coming in to the hotel & gave them one. So I grabbed 3 & my niece grabbed 2. We gave them to the front check-in staff & I left one with the wedding coordinator to be placed in her office. Then we gave 2 to the clean up staff. I took 2 home and put them on the white candlesticks in the dining room. PERFECT!!! The flowers are white mums, spidermums, carnations, billy buttons (HUGE in the south right now for weddings) and ornamental grass. I just loved these centerpieces because they were fun & unexpected. We received so many compliments are how unique they were. :) My SIL is a police officer & there happened to be a FOP convention the same weekend - can you believe that? LOL Some people were walking by as we were finishing the tables and said "Oh how clever - they made the vases look like police lights". LOL I didn't even realize it until they said something. LOL