Wednesday, February 3, 2010


SPOILER!!! Don't read any further if you didn't see last night's premiere!!!
ACK!!! My title is a famous Hurley term used throughout the series, but whoa it was all about Locke last night. Hurley still has the best lines tho ;).
I was on the edge of my seat last night Sawyer/Juliet, Temple/Sayid, Miles/Juliet, and yes let's get to it................the smoke monster!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that a little bit has been revealed about that, one has to ? The "visions" Jack had of his father, was that the smoke monster? Who was the smoke monster when Eko was killed? He was not afraid of the monster, so now I'm wondering. This whole made it back/didn't make it back is confusing me. Why wasn't Shannon shown on the plane? There have been a few press releases that some things will be revealed about her brother that will change things, maybe that's one of them.
So what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them!



Did you see Hurley with that gun, I thought for sure he was going to shoot himself! ;)And WHY did he have a bright red shirt on?!! ACK! Yes, what a wild show, intense and emotional, and interesting they did the two alternate time lines. Has smoky always been Jacob's rival, who is now Locke? He sure had some evil looks last night, yikes! Then it was nice seeing what he was like when he was back in the wheelchair. I cried over the Sawyer/Juliet scenes, I was surprised she was still alive! I think Boone is alone on that plane, because it's an alternate way things happened, there were a few different things on that plane. So many other things going on, I'll have to watch this episode again, it was a great one!! :)


Man, last night was great! Seeing Charlie was wonderful, but thought it was interesting what happened to him on the plane. So nice to see Artnz, or what ever his name is. I kept saying Hurly's line when he blew up before, um, you got some Artnz on your shirt! LOL!